Psychological Therapy

  • Assessment

A thorough assessment is crucial to help to understand a client’s difficulties and guide future intervention. I use a variety of methods including history, structured interview and psychometric questionnaires. Based on this information I will then discuss with you the best way forward

  • Intervention

I draw on a variety of psychological models and the scientific evidence base to inform your psychological therapy

Therapy always starts with a thorough assessment and we will discuss your reasons for seeking help and support as well as goals and changes you wish to make in therapy.

We will then develop a shared understanding of your difficulties and collaboratively come up with a plan together for how best to move forward.

Therapy may involve some or all of the following:

  • Talking about your difficulties
  • Talking about future goals
  • Keeping a diary and record chart of thoughts, feelings and the things you do
  • Reading therapy materials and practicing new techniques both in session and at home
  • Sometimes facing things you may be unsure or worried about
  • Sometimes people find that therapy makes them curious about the choices they have made in life and reflect upon their relationships and experiences both in the past and now. This may lead you to re-appraise your choices and choose new ways of being

At the end of the assessment period, we would usually agree on a way of working and a number of therapy sessions and also build in a review.

If at review, we agree more sessions are required we would agree on the number of additional sessions, build in a further review and continue in this way.

After the end of the first assessment session, you are under no obligation to book any ongoing sessions. If we do not agree that I am the best person to meet your needs I will endeavour to signpost you to a service that may be able to help.

Supervision & Consultation

I offer clinical supervision and case consultation to other professionals carrying out psychological therapy. This may be on an as-required basis regarding a particular issue or case or it may be on an ongoing, regular basis.


I am able to offer training to organisations and services on a range of psychological issues.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.